"The Morning Star is more than an overnight hostel, the people there really care about me, they want me to do well"


Services at The Morning Star Hostel

When we receive a new resident at The Morning Star Hostel we give him time to settle in, give him time to meet the other residents and invite him to the Mens Shed.

After a period of homelessness a new resident is often emotionally distressed, unresponsive and untrusting. Our initial objective is to encourage him to socialise positively with the other residents and to accept us as friends who want to support him on the road to recovery and independent living.

Once his needs are assessed we guide him to professional agencies including the following :-


HSE Psychiatric Services

Social Security assistance

General Practitioner care

Detox Programme

Substance Abuse Programme

One to One Counseling

Family Mediation Services

Free Legal Aid

Adult Learning Services

Bereavement Counseling Services


There is a nurturing atmosphere in The Morning Star that comes from the residents as well as the volunteers and it plays a vital part in the recovery process. This has been commented on and praised many times by past residents and visitors.



The Morning Star Hostel 
Morning Star Avenue, Brunswick Street, Dublin 7. 
01 872 3401    


The Morning Star Hostel is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


The Morning Star Hostel is a registered Irish charity. CHY 4772